Tank Tops

Time to Try Tank Tops in an Innovative Style

Summer is back and so is your craving for women’s tank tops. It is time to start your search for online tank tops for women and pair it up with hot pants, mini skirt or denim jeans pants; no doubt you will carry a sensuous look. These ladies sleeveless shirts are basically casual outfits meant for giving you comfort at a time when the sun is burning like hell. Try layered or simple letter print casual women T-shirt thereby adding further hotness to the hot weather.

2017 collection of sexy tank tops for women is out in the market and many of you must have started trying these new arrival women’s tank tops. Choose the ones which would suit your figure. Not all tank tops are versatile, so it is better you be cautious before buying it. You can’t wear a yoga tank top at a nightclub and make yourself look stupid. The tank top is a term which gives a common roof for different types of women sleeveless tops. Therefore, it is better to understand different styles of tank tops and its usage before purchasing it.

On the basis of prints, cuts, style, etc. there are many types of women’s tees and tanks. Here online women’s tank top styles have been discussed.

Geek Tank Tops

These days carrying a nerd or geek look are considered quite cool especially in youths. You may find many stylish women’s tops that define your style statement. Geek tank tops determine that you are not the one who gives a damn to this world; you have your own style. You can wear such tank tops to your college or even if you go to shop.

Sports Tank Tops

Whether thick strapped or spaghetti strapped, these tank tops are meant for exercising, playing tennis, doing yoga or any other physical activities. These usually have built in bra and its stretchable material makes it comfortable to carry sports activities.

Racer back

These are also used for athletic purposes and have two straps that meet at the back of the top. The straps are usually thick and are designed simply for athletic use.

Muscle Tanks

These are basically ladies sleeveless shirts. They are thick strapped and usually carry slogans, pictures, etc. You can wear it while going to a concert or for a stroll; it would make you look cool.

Backless Tank Top

Put the backless tank top in your cart and carry a killer look. You may find it any size and adorn it with some light summer accessories. You can wear it at night parties and undoubtedly you will look sexy.

Different Designs and Patterns in Tank Tops

Tank tops available online carry different types of styles like you may find short fashion tank tops with laces, women's strappy crop tank tops with band names, letter print casual women T-shirt, sequin ladies sleeveless shirts for night clubs, fun tank tops with ruffles around the collar or simple floral tank tops.

How to Size up Tank Tops?

Tank tops worn are both tight fitting and loose fitting, hence while buying it you need to be clear with its size. Many times you get disheartened while trying tank tops, as some style or size doesn’t suit you. At this point you need to understand that although all types of tank tops are available in all sizes, but not each and every type could look equally good on you.

For those falling in the range of 30-32 chest type and 25- 26 waist size must buy small 0-2 dress size. You need to remember that this dress size could vary between different brands. For medium and large size, i.e. with 32-34 and 36-38 inch chest size 4-6 and 8-10 dress size would be perfect. Those whose chests ranges within 40-42 inch could go for 12 to 14 dress size.

How to style tank tops?

Styling a tank top if done properly could do magic in transforming your look. For a more elegant look do go for silk fabric tank tops. Pair it with high heels and appropriate accessories, indubitably you will look amazing and could wear it anywhere at any time. Try a jersey tank top and pair it with bright lips, be it any summer it will make you looks sexy. Ripped jeans with backless tank tops would make you chic. Try a bandeau under a cut out tank top and go to a mall or walk, everyone’s eye will be on you. Tight sporty white tank top could never be out of fashion, whether it's 2016 or 2017. This clean and simple look blends grace and sensuousness at one place.

What to wear underneath a loose tank top?

Try loose tank top with sexy bra net or non-padded bralette, it will look quite cool. You need to try sexy lingerie that suits your loose tank top, and then this would enhance the tank top’s beauty. You may try our collection of bra for this.

How to buy tank tops at Cost Buys?

Cost Buys brings you an amazing collection of sexy tank tops for women under one roof. Fill your cart here at an affordable price, but not foolishly. We don’t want you to waste your money. Instead, we want you to go through our collection of all types of women’s clothing, further mix and match the apparels. For instance, you had a look at our women's strappy crop tank tops and you liked it then now look for bottoms that would look good on it. Similarly, if you are buying our backless collection of tank tops, then look for our amazing collection of bras online. This way you don’t have to worry after the delivery of the tank tops for women.


Making a style choice has always been difficult for women. Ask your grandma, she will also tell you her story that how she use to find it difficult finding the perfect apparel at her time. In fact, you are quite lucky that today from women's strappy crop tank tops to letter print casual women T-shirt all are available online. You may buy any but make sure that it suits your look. It is all about making a balance in your look.