Look Cool this Summer with Tees

Do you know how the T-shirt got its name? Yes from the letter T. The shape of a T-shirt resembles to that of the letter T. In 1920’s Merriam Webster dictionary gave it an official stand by including it as an American English word. These facts might sound boring to you so let us cut the crap and come to the main point that is how to make yourself look fashion icon by wearing a simple T-shirt.

We all know that “less is more” is today’s fashion mantra and T-shirt is actually one such women apparel which abides by it. Whether crew neck or V- neck, T-shirt will always look cool, wear it anywhere at any point of time. If you are looking for women’s clothes online, then it is a guarantee that the maximum carts online, will show you options to shop women trendy T-shirts. Pair it up with jeans or hot pants you will always appear chic in it.

There are different types of T-shirts and you have to be selective while choosing bottoms for all types of T-shirts. The segregation of T-shirts is done on the basis of neckline, sleeves, lengths and designs.

On the basis of Necklines

There are many types of necklines available in T-shirts but commonly you can find the following types:

Crew Neck T-shirts: Traditional yet modish this round neck T-shirt looks elegant on anyone. You may buy these women tees online at affordable prices, thereby saving ample of money for you to spend on trendy eyewear to enhance your hip look. You can even wear it under a full sleeved big check shirt and pair it with blue denim jeans.

V-Neck T-shirts: This type of T-shirt is not meant for everyone. You have to be careful while buying it that the V- neck suits your look or not. Nonetheless the fact is that it gives a more sensuous look than any other neckline. Try a deep V-neck T-shirt with a tube top under it and this would give you a perfect look. In men’s comparison women’s V- neck shirts give a more appealing look.

Scoop Neck T-shirts: This is one style which suits the best with long skirts. Wrap a stole around your neck or not this will make your clavicle visible and carry a killer look for sure. Some might not be comfortable in wearing it as it appears to be too low.

Hood T-shirt: Not much in trend now, but if you want to wear you may. It gives men a better look than women.

On the basis of Sleeves: The sleeves do matter a lot in improving a T-shirt’s look. Here three types of sleeves are discussed:

Short Sleeve T-shirts: Well the more conventional style is short sleeve T-shirt for women. It is one of the most commonly worn T-shirt all time. Many short sleeve tops for women are available online which has graphic designs.

Three-fourth Quarter Sleeve: These types of T-shirts are also available online, but this year it is not much in fashion. If you are looking for it, then you can buy ones with unique prints like new Europe Trendy Guns and roses T-shirts.

Full Sleeve: There are many types of full sleeve T-shirt with horizontal stripes or with tighter cuffs at the end. These are mostly worn in winter season. Since, now it is summer so you better try short sleeve or three-fourth sleeved T-shirts in comparison to full sleeve.

On the basis of DesignsThese days designs are so much in trend. This is one of the reasons you can find myriad options of graphic designed tees online.

Funny Print: You want to turn everyone’s eyes towards you then, it is good to buy the funny print T-shirts for women. Even many history print T-shirts are good option for you. You may try these for particular tours or even in colleges.

Graphics:You may find stylish women’s vintage graphic tees with your favorite brand name written across the front or the back of it. This is a popular style, especially among youngsters.

On the basis of LengthBroadly, there are two types of T-shirts in this category.

Short T-shirts: If you are trying short T-shirts, then go for high waist jeans. Like Taylor Hill you may also try a cropped small sleeve tee with a high waist jeans plus. This would make you look super cool.

Long T-shirts: Long T-shirts for women with long backs are trending a lot. Wear it with simple denim jeans and it will make you look graceful. You may go for shopping wearing this anytime.

Shirts blended with T-shirts: This is quite a stylish trend of trying shirts and T-shirts together. The women’s casual denim slim shirt looks quite elegant if combined with sleeveless round neck white tees. Women crop tops and shirts are women’s apparel which transforms your look in a fashionable manner.