Smart Ways to Choose Women Apparels Online

These days there is no coherence in pre-purchase and post-purchase satisfaction with respect to online women's dresses. Today, when you look at any dress online, especially the ones like sexy women's sleepwear or long prom dresses available online, you get allured, as the model in the advertisement appears to be a picture perfect. You, with an intention to imitate their sensuous look buy the same dress online. Your world turns upside down when the dress is delivered. For instance, during the purchase of the club-wear party dresses you were satiated with the collection of the website, but after the delivery your satisfaction vanishes, instead you are now depressed with your figure.

Until this day you seemed to be ok, even if not contented with your figure, but now it appears bad to you, thereby leading you to body dissatisfaction. In 2008 J.L. Treasure, E.R. Wack, & M.R. Roberts argued that “the fashion industry represents a ‘toxic’ environment, which increases the incidence of body dissatisfaction and eating disorders amongst both fashion models and consumers.” After almost a decade the situation has worsened instead of getting better. These days, many of you are not able to handle this issue amicably, as a result, you start overeating and this brings you to the plus size zone.

You must be thinking, what it has to do with the dresses. Well, you will understand it only when you understand the importance of proper dressing way. Most of the times we kill ample of our time reading fashion magazines and trying to understand what fashion are in trend? We fail to fathom the importance of a dress. Even if it is a woman’s nightgown and sleep shirts you need to understand what type of dress would make you look beautiful and not the model.

More than two-thirds i.e. almost 64% of women in the US are falling under the category of plus size. This market has expanded and hence, you can find many clothes designed in a way that it covers your extra body fat and make your curvy figure look amazing. This is one of the reasons why you may find many floor-length, bridesmaid dresses made of chiffon as they make you look slim. The sizes of dresses have also undergone a tremendous change. “Today a size 8 dress is actually a size 16 dress of 1958” as per an article in Washington Post, 2015.

Here the intention is not to alarm you, but to help you in making the correct choice with reference to buying women dresses online. Make sure you consider the following points while buying any type of dress, whether a costly long party bridesmaid dresses or cheap long evening dresses.

Understand Your Body Shape

The first step which you need to take is to read your body shape properly. Is it the hourglass shape or apple shape, you need to determine it. There are broadly five types of shapes- Hourglass Shape, apple shape, pear shape, straight shape and V-shape.

The term hourglass must have created an image in your mind portraying a figure where the top and the bottom are heavy and the waist is slim. This means women with such figure have the fat distribution more towards buttocks and breasts. The apple shape is the one with fat accumulation is concentrated in the middle. Just like a pear, your figure has a bottom and waist, heavy in comparison to your breast size. The straight body gives you a shape where the distinction between your hips, waist, and the breast is not much. All appear to be aligned in a line. V-shape is mostly found in men, but these days our changing lifestyle has resulted in many women with V-shape. Here the shoulders are broad and fat accumulation is more on the chest, face, and arms.

The purpose of deciding your shape is not to enhance your tension, but to help you in making a sound decision while making online women dress purchases. After determining your figure shape, it is time to understand which dress would go with each type of shape.

Look for dresses with respect to your body shape

If you are someone with apple body shape, then it is highly advisable that you buy elegant looking long evening dresses with belts or an accented waistline. In the case of a pear shape, it is necessary to buy clothes which do not highlight your legs. Hence, if you are someone looking for bridesmaid dress, then do not go for the short bridesmaid dresses instead buy long party bridesmaid dresses. These short bridesmaid dresses would give an elegant look to straight shaped women. Cap sleeves dress are a must for V-shaped women as it hides their broad masculine shoulder and gives a graceful feminine look to them. The hourglass women look pretty in drop waist dresses.

Never underestimate the role of fabric in enhancing your look. Most of the times while buying, women’s dress online, whether long prom dresses online or bridesmaid dresses online, we do not read the description of the fabric clearly. This is where we need to be very careful. You must not prefer buying apparels of stretchy material as they give you a bulky look. If you are buying it, then make sure that you buy one size smaller. Some great dress fabrics are luxurious satin, heavyweight cotton, linen, thick or layered silk, cotton velvet, or lace and chiffon.


Other important factors like cuts and colors must also be taken care while buying women's long nightgowns or elegant long evening dresses, or any common women’s dresses online. Always keep in mind that any dark colored club wear party dress will give a slimmer look in comparison to its lighter equivalents. This is one of the reasons why today, red, dark-maroon, mixed bright colors, midnight blue, eggplant and wine color are more recommended for women with plus sizes than light colors. You must be sure that the evening party dresses or bridesmaid dresses which you are choosing online come with cuts that would make you look marvelous and comfortable in all positions whether standing, sitting or dancing.

There are myriad online shopping platforms which promise that they have a collection of dresses for all sizes but in reality, it is not like that. Here at Cost Buys, you get umpteen options of women dresses available online with respect to all types of dresses from party wear bridesmaid dresses to nightgowns. All these dresses are available in A-plus sizes with a motive to make you look elegant thereby giving you a look of tailor made.